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What does quality art mean to you? Hello. My name is Dubya, host of this special channel. Enjoy my conversations with online artists and musicians via a show called Surprise Cast. Their creative work influences the way we view their world while giving us fresh and new perspectives on our own lives. In addition, I host a feature called Two Tickets Please! with an online friend, Michael Hare. We have exciting conversations about movies and they way impact us as lovers of film. Get ready to be entertained and educated! Thanks for your support - it always means a great deal to me.

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2 days ago

Welcome back to another engaging episode of Surprise Cast! In this episode, we are thrilled to reconnect with the talented artist and musician, Oliver Beardmore. It’s been a year since our last conversation, and this time we are diving even deeper into the person behind the music. Oliver joins us to discuss his latest endeavors and to explore three essential pillars from Arthur C. Brooks' book, "Build the Life You Want," with commentary by Oprah Winfrey. These pillars are family experience, friendtorship, and body of work.
The conversation kicks off with a heartwarming and insightful reflection on Oliver’s childhood. We delve into how his family, especially his mom, influenced his artistic journey. ("oh, whatever you are going to do, it'll be something that you're hyper-interested in and you'll do it very well"). Oliver shares candid stories about his upbringing in Birmingham, England, and how his early experiences shaped his path to becoming a musician. He discusses the challenges he faced and the significance of being in the right place at the right time ("feeling content with the place and time...").
Transitioning to the second pillar, friendtorship, Oliver opens up about the people who have mentored and supported him throughout his career. He highlights key figures who have played pivotal roles in his development as an artist, including James Brister, who has been instrumental in navigating his career. ("incredibly generous with his time"). Oliver also shares his experiences of collaborating with other musicians and the dynamics of working with people who share his vision.
In the third part of our discussion, we focus on Oliver’s body of work. We explore his creative process("but I'm really sort of like looking at a large body of work that is there's a lot of yeah, like cohesion between, but like predetermined in a way more than before"), how he balances personal life with the demands of his music career, and his approach to songwriting. Oliver provides an in-depth look at his latest EP, "Swimming in the Light of a Cold Star," ("most of the songs started at the tail end of 2022") discussing the inspiration behind the tracks and the meticulous process of bringing them to life. We also touch on the emotional content of his performances and the rituals that help him prepare for the stage.
As we wrap up, Oliver shares his aspirations, the challenges of the music industry, and his thoughts on social media’s role in promoting his work. He also recommends some of his favorite albums and artists, giving listeners a peek into his musical influences. Finally, we end on a lighter note with a fun lightning round, where Oliver answers quick-fire questions about his favorite things and future goals.
This episode is a must-listen for fans of Oliver Beardmore and anyone interested in the intersection of art, happiness, and personal growth. Join us for an inspiring and heartfelt conversation that explores the depth of Oliver’s artistry and his journey toward building a fulfilling life. One of his goals is to "get his music in front of more people". Listen to this podcast and pass it on so we can help him achieve it. Follow Oliver Beardmore:https://linktr.ee/oliverbeardmore
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4 days ago

Have you heard the album Picturesque by Molly? If you have not, you are in for a very special treat. Lars Andersson is here(singer/guitarist), shall we say, to talk about life as a musician in Innsbruck, Austria, life as Molly. We're going to tackle and dive into a few songs from the album, Picturesque. In addition, Lars is going to share his thoughts and feelings on upcoming work, concerts, a well-known label called Sonic Cathedral, and his musical influences. 
Lars shares insights about his role in the band, the origin of the band's name("We just made a list...we were thinking maybe a short name"), and his journey from childhood to becoming a musician. He reflects on his middle-class upbringing in Austria and how it influenced his perspective on music. He also discusses his academic background in history and philosophy ("it's the history of thinking"), explaining how these disciplines shape his songwriting and thematic choices.
The episode delves into Lars's musical influences, from Karel Gott, Nirvana("it just blew me away the first time I listened to it"), to Radiohead, and how these bands shaped his approach to music. He talks about the emotional complexity and simplicity of Nirvana's music and the diverse stylistic changes within Radiohead's discography. Lars also touches on the importance of nature and landscapes in inspiring his music, drawing parallels to bands like Sigur Rós.
Lars discusses the pivotal moments in Molly's career, including the band's formation and key individuals who helped them along the way. He highlights the role of Sonic Cathedral ("it was a huge huge step for us"), a label known for its passion for shoegaze, dreampop, and post-rock music, in supporting and promoting Molly's work. Lars appreciates the love and dedication that Nate, who runs Sonic Cathedral, brings to the label and its artists. (He's well connected in the UK...how my God, you're with Sonic Cathedral?...he was a big part of the whole shoegaze revival")
The conversation also explores the challenges and joys of touring, with Lars sharing insights on the mental and physical demands of performing live. He offers advice on the importance of getting into a rhythm during tours and the unique dynamics of performing as a duo.
In the third part of the episode, Lars discusses the creative process behind Molly's music, particularly the album Picturesque. He explains the thematic inspiration from the Romantic era and the influence of fairy tales on his songwriting. Lars highlights specific tracks like "Ballerina" and "The Golden Age," sharing the stories and personal experiences that shaped these songs.
The episode concludes with Lars reflecting on his perfectionist approach to music and the importance of crafting and production. He shares his thoughts on the evolving music industry, the role of streaming platforms, and the significance of physical formats like vinyl. Lars also recommends some of his favorite albums, blending well-known classics with obscure gems and contemporary works.
Join us for this in-depth conversation with Lars Andersson of Molly, as he takes us on a sonic journey through his musical influences, creative process, and the future of the band. Move over Sigur Rós!!!

7 days ago

Welcome to another episode of Surprise Cast! Today, we are thrilled to have special guests Kris Coulthard, Henry Cummins, and Otis Rose-Larkin from the band Adorer. This Sydney-based shoegaze band has been making waves with their intricate weaving of heavy and ethereal sounds. In this episode, we dive deep into their journey as musicians, the work they've done, and their recently self-titled released EP.
We kick off the conversation with Kris and Henry, discussing their roles in the band. Chris, who plays guitar and sings, and Henry, who holds down the bass, share their experiences and insights into the dynamics of Adorer. They open up about their 
In a thought-provoking twist, the episode takes a deeper turn as Kris reflects on a poignant comic strip from "Good Grief, Peanuts Pick Me Up," leading to a discussion on how emotions and melancholy influence his work. ("I'm very lucky not to have tussled with the black dog or any sort of depression"). Henry shares his admiration for Pantera and how their "rhythms", "the skill" and "techniques" have shaped his musical journey, while Otis reminisces about his school days ("I spent all my time you know at recess...and we would go to the music rooms".) and his deep-rooted connection with music.
We also explore the band's songwriting process, with Kris revealing the inspiration behind their lyrics and how they set scenes rather than tell stories. The band discusses the importance of harmony and crafting their sound, emphasizing the collaborative effort that goes into creating their music. They share their experiences with live performances ("they were throwing dildos at people") and the energy they bring to their shows, making each concert a unique and captivating experience for their audience.
The episode features a listening session of two tracks from their EP, "Burial"("it was one of the first songs that I think we ever rehearsed") and "Away," with the band members providing historical perspectives and personal anecdotes about the songs. They discuss the evolution of their sound, the influence of their musical backgrounds, and the meticulous attention to detail in their guitar tones and overall production.
As we wrap up, the band members share their goals for the future, emphasizing the importance of writing "great songs", "produce them well", playing live, and building on their momentum. They also discuss the challenges and joys of balancing their personal lives with their musical aspirations, highlighting the strong friendship and mutual respect that keep them grounded and united.
Join us for this insightful and heartfelt conversation with Adorer, and discover the passion, creativity, and dedication that drive their music. Tune in to hear their stories, their music, and their vision for the future.
Don't forget to check out Adorer's music on Bandcamp and follow them on social media to stay updated on their latest releases and upcoming shows. They really are ("a colorful band in terms of their music"). And...a real class act of musicians!Follow Adorer:https://adorerband.bandcamp.com/album/adorerhttps://www.instagram.com/adorer.syd/
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Surprise Cast #78 Mahogany

Monday Jul 15, 2024

Monday Jul 15, 2024

I'm super excited. Today, we are bringing in a unique musical duo that expertly blends elements from various genres, creating a sound that is as complex as it is captivating. In the Surprise Cast studio, we have  Andrew Prinz and Jaclyn Slimm from the band Mahogany. We’re here to talk about life as musicians, their brand new EP, concert experiences, etc. Sit back and enjoy!
Andrew shares his multifaceted role in Mahogany, where he plays the 12-string electric guitar, sings, programs rhythms and synthesizers, occasionally plays the cello, and handles much of the engineering and production. Jaclyn complements Andrew's work by playing guitar, singing, writing lyrics and melodies, and contributing to beat making, synthesizer work, and visual elements like projections and animations for live performances.
The conversation dives into their childhood experiences, revealing how Andrew's early love for reading and playing the cello shaped his musical journey ("I really loved the idea of being part of a section and not being singled out"), and Jaclyn's background in classical ballet and theater influenced her artistic expression. Andrew shares personal anecdotes about his struggles with hearing as a child ("I had to have surgery to ameliorate that") and how that has influenced his understanding of sound and music. She opens up about balancing her artistic passions with family support and how her dance background enriches her music career. ("the dance was my most favorable part of the experience of theater and working with other people").
The discussion then moves to the importance of mentorship and friendship in their journey. Andrew expresses gratitude towards key individuals like Larry Hoffman ("Burn Hair Records...he signed us to our first record") and Marc Greuther(Henry Ford Museum) who significantly impacted Mahogany's early success. ("Mark has incredible taste in music...he turned me onto a lot of fantastic groups). Jaclyn reflects on Andrew's role as a mentor and motivator in her life, highlighting the profound influence he has had on her musical development. (He's been a mentor, a teacher, a guide...he's very useful in pushing me to think about things in new ways").
In the third part of the conversation, the duo discusses their creative process and the importance of patience and deliberate artistry. They emphasize the value of creating music that stands the test of time over seeking immediate popularity. The episode also includes a deep dive into music from their new EP, "A Scaffold." ("It felt like a big fist in the air to go to our studio and to do my guitar very end solo part, which is running through quad amps").The song "A Scaffold" is described as a powerful expression of strength and resilience, while "Polyvalence" showcases Andrew's experimental approach to composition and production. 
The episode concludes with a discussion on live performances, where they explain the unique experience they aim to provide for their audience. ("We have put a lot of effort into this, we're bringing all of these interesting machines along with us"). They share their excitement about upcoming shows and future projects, encouraging listeners to stay tuned for more from Mahogany.
Don't miss this insightful and inspiring episode with Mahogany, where Andrew and Jaclyn share their journey, creative process, and the passion that drives their outstanding music. Check out their new EP, "A Scaffold," and experience the captivating sound of Mahogany. If you like film director, Peter Weir, musician, Peter Gabriel, then you'll find that Mahogany are equally just as intelligent and creative in the way they approach their amazing craft. Follow Mahogany:https://mahoganyinthecity.bandcamp.com/
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Saturday Jul 13, 2024

Welcome to today's episode of Surprise Cast, where we delve into the fascinating journey of The Telescopes' legendary frontman, Stephen Lawrie, the creative force behind the band. Formed in 1987, The Telescopes quickly became known for their unique blend of shoegaze, psych rock, noise pop, and more. Stephen's passion for music is evident in every recording, whether it's the raw energy of the early works or the more contemplative, noisy, melodic, and ambient textures of recent releases.
In today's episode, Stephen shares insight into his creative process and the evolution of The Telescopes' sound. He reflects on the significance of "Growing Eyes Becoming String" and "Editions," as they serve as a time capsule, capturing rare moments and new unreleased tracks that offer fans a deeper understanding of the band's artistic trajectory. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Stephen as he takes us through his life as a musician and the enduring legacy of The Telescopes, a band whose magic resonates across generations.
Stephen also opens up about his childhood experiences and the impact they had on his music. From the brutal schooling system ("I started to see hypocrisy...I got hit with everything") to his parents' divorce, and the loss of his dog, Stephen's early life was filled with disillusionment and questioning of authority ("you have to do this...why?...because I said so...I started questioning it"). These experiences fueled his rebellious spirit and shaped his approach to music.
In the second part of the episode, Stephen discusses the people who have helped him along the way. He highlights the influence of a family friend who introduced him to the basics of songwriting ("like the oldest rocker in town...he was very encouraging") and Richard Formby , who played a crucial role in shaping the band's sound in the early days ("he used to stay at my house...conversations went on all night"). Stephen also touches upon the challenges and constraints faced during the production of various albums, including the second album ("ended up being more like a Talk Talk album") which was heavily influenced by the studio environment and the push from Creation Records. 
The conversation then shifts to recent works, including the album "Growing Eyes Become String," which began its journey in 2013 ("invited out in Berlin by Anton Newcombe") but faced numerous challenges before its release in 2023. Stephen provides insights into the making of the album and the unique recording process that involved going into the studio blind and working under extreme conditions ("no equipment in the studio...built some sound proofing bits...lost a bit of time doing that")
Listeners will also get a chance to hear tracks from the albums, including "Get Out of Me" ("various forces...kind of obstacles in my mind at that time") from "Growing Eyes Becoming String" and "Second Darkness" from "Editions." Stephen shares the stories behind these tracks, offering a glimpse into the creative mind of a musician who has always pushed the boundaries of his art. "The most profound things are the simplest" - He's got his eye on the musical prize!Follow The Telescopes:https://thetelescopes.bandcamp.com/
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Wednesday Jul 10, 2024

Taylor Swift's widespread appeal is her exceptional storytelling and the ability to step out of her comfort zone to remain vital in the public's eye. Her songs often depict relatable experiences and emotions such as love, heartbreak, friendship, and self-discovery, which are universally understood. In this episode, Sydney, a longtime fan of Taylor Swift, shares her personal experiences and insights into why her music has influenced and impacted her life in significant ways. Joining Sydney is her father, Dave, who offers his intelligent perspective on their shared musical journey together as the well-bonded father and daughter.
The episode is divided into several engaging segments. We discuss three of Taylor Swift's albums: Speak Now, Red, and Reputation. Sydney draws connections to these albums through their lyrics, concert experiences, and the overarching themes they explore. She shares personal anecdotes and memories associated with these albums, highlighting songs that resonate deeply within. 
Listeners will hear about the album Speak Now (some of it is a fairytale...focused on young relationships") and its relatable themes of young relationships and personal growth. We discuss standout tracks like "Mean" and "The Story of Us," explaining how these songs have helped Sydney navigate her friendships. They also touch on the maturity and emotional depth Taylor brings to her infectious songwriting. "The song has a monster chorus."
Next, the conversation moves to the Red album ("her transition album"), which exploded onto the scene in 2012. Sydney and Dave reminisce about the high voltage energy of tracks like "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Sydney shares her connection to the song "22" ("I felt like this song was made for me") and the emotional impact of the ten-minute version of "All Too Well." ("I can relate to the general feeling that song captures") Dave adds his perspective on the album's significance and Swift's ability to elevate her music to new heights.
The entertaining discussion then shifts to Reputation, an album that marked a darker, edgier phase in Taylor Swift's career. Sydney reveals her love for this album ("it has always been my favourite") particularly the song "Ready For It" and the epic live performance of "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things." The father-daughter duo recount their unforgettable experience attending the Reputation World Tour ("the crowd went crazy...musical explosion...incredible visuals") and the unique way Taylor connects with her audience, even in a massive stadium setting.
In the final segment, I conduct a fun trivia quiz and lightning round with Sydney, testing her knowledge of Taylor Swift's career and personal preferences. She handles it beautifully.
Tune in to this ear-opening episode of Surprise Cast to gain a deeper understanding of Taylor Swift's incredible musical odyssey and the profound impact she has on her fans. Whether you're a die-hard Swiftie or new to her music, this podcast episode offers valuable insights and heartfelt stories that celebrate the artistry and influence of Taylor Swift. Are you ready for it?Follow Taylor Swift:https://www.taylorswift.com/

Saturday Jul 06, 2024

Hello, everyone! This is W, host of the H.I. Art on the Edge page, and I am thrilled to welcome you to the latest episode of our brand new feature, Surprise Cast. Today marks my fourth conversation with the incredibly talented Ricardo Fiel, known to many as Moon Cowboy. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of getting to know Ricardo and his work as an artist and musician. In this episode, we embark on a journey to peel back the layers of Ricardo's life and artistry.
We kick off the conversation by doing some rapid fire questions. Ricardo responds to a question about early childhood moments regarding creativity. ("I was in elementary school...I decided to make what I would call an electric guitar"). Ricardo's creative process and the activities that bring him joy and uplift his spirits. He candidly shares his challenges and how he balances his life to recharge his batteries. Ricardo opens up about the overwhelming aspects of his life and how he navigates through them.
One of the highlights of this episode is our discussion about Ricardo's new explosive EP, "An Explosion of Sound." ("there are two things I need to do...I want to have very soft vocals...but then I want the chorus to be like early Ride"). We listen to a few tracks from the EP, and Ricardo provides insightful analysis and the stories behind the music. We delve into the themes of mental health, a topic close to Ricardo's heart, and discuss what's coming down the line for him in 2024.
Throughout the episode, Ricardo shares poignant memories from his childhood, including impactful experiences that continue to influence his work today. He reflects on the profound influence of his grandparents and the emotional journey of saying goodbye to his beloved grandmother. ("She had the most impact on me...by far"). 
We also explore the concept of "friend-torship," discussing the people who have helped Ricardo along his musical journey and how he, in turn, mentors others. Ricardo shares stories of his connections with notable figures like Pete Kemper (Sonic Boom, Spacemen 3) and James Chapman (MAPS), emphasizing the importance of giving and receiving support within the creative community. ("Maps were a huge influence on this EP"). 
In the latter part of the conversation, we dive into Ricardo's work as Moon Cowboy. He provides a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of his EP, discussing the inspiration, challenges, and the creative process that brought it to life. We listen to and analyze two tracks from the EP: "A Moment" and "In Colors," uncovering the layers of sound and emotion that make his music so compelling.
The episode concludes with a heartfelt discussion on mental health, where Ricardo shares his personal experiences and the importance of seeking help and maintaining mental well-being. ("I'm going to take time for myself"). We wrap up with a fun lightning round, touching on various topics from favorite foods to memorable concerts, and end with a reflective passage from Rick Rubin's book, "The Creative Act: A Way of Being."
Join us for this enriching and candid conversation with Moon Cowboy, and discover the depth and passion behind his music and life. His work is good for the soul. Follow Moon Cowboy:https://1991recordings.bandcamp.com/album/an-explosion-of-sound-ep
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Friday Jul 05, 2024

In this heartwarming episode of Surprise Cast, we welcome the acclaimed artist Mackenzie Thorpe to the studio.  We leap into the life and work of Mackenzie, exploring the profound influences, personal struggles, and unwavering passion that have shaped his artistic journey.
The episode kicks off with an intriguing story about a faceless bronze statue that captivated me in an art studio in the Bay Area (Menlo Park), leading to the discovery of Mackenzie Thorpe's work ("This is very intriguing"). Mackenzie then joins the conversation from his studio in Hove, England, sharing insights into the vibrant artistic community there and drawing parallels with his time in San Francisco and Mill Valley.
As the discussion unfolds, Mackenzie recounts his early experiences growing up in a steel town, dealing with dyslexia, and finding solace in art. He introduces us to pivotal figures in his life, including his uncle Lawrence , who provided unwavering support and protection ("he was a protector...my hero has save my life"), and his mentor Tom, who recognized Mackenzie's talent and helped him gain entry into art college, changing the trajectory of his life.
The conversation takes a reflective turn as Mackenzie shares his thoughts on the events of 9/11 ("dad, dad, dad, you've got to come and see this on the television") and how it influenced his work. He speaks about the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of continuing to create art in the face of adversity. This leads to a discussion about the themes in Mackenzie's work, particularly the recurring motif of love and the faceless boy who spreads it across the world.
We also explore the rituals and inspirations behind Mackenzie's creative process, from the music that fuels his passion to the daily routines that keep him grounded. Mackenzie speaks candidly about the role of love in his life and work, emphasizing its transformative power and his mission to spread positivity and hope through his art.
The episode wraps up with a look ahead at Mackenzie's upcoming projects, including his 35th year as a full-time artist and planned exhibitions in Tahoe, Texas, and Japan. I close with a poignant quote from Rick Rubin, leaving listeners with a sense of the universal conversation that art inspires.
Join us for an inspiring and heartfelt conversation with Mackenzie Thorpe, and discover the profound impact of his work on the world. Tune in to Surprise Cast and let Mackenzie's love for art touch your heart in a plethora of ways. "Kenzie only draws!" - Yes, and a whole lot more. Follow Mackenzie Thorpe:https://mackenziethorpe.com/
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Surprise Cast #73 Liz Hanks

Tuesday Jul 02, 2024

Tuesday Jul 02, 2024

Welcome to this enchanting episode of Surprise Cast, where I delve into a profound conversation with the distinguished cellist and composer, Liz Hanks. Liz, who thrives in the vibrant cultural scene of Sheffield, England, shares her incredible journey through music, marked by a deep engagement with an eclectic mix of traditions, including folk and Indian classical music.
Liz's collaborations with renowned artists such as Martin Simpson, James, Richard Hawley, and the organization South Asian Arts UK, reflect her commitment to exploring diverse musical heritages. These rich experiences have culminated in her debut solo album, supported by Help Musicians UK. The album is a beautiful reflection of her core musical inspirations: minimalism, folk, Indian classical music, and improvisation, showcasing her versatility and ability to interweave different sonic textures.
In this episode, Liz shares personal anecdotes from her musical journey beginning in a little village of Northamptonshire ("I had a very happy childhood"), including her serendipitous discovery of the cello ( ("would anyone like to play an instrument?"), her formative years, and the pivotal role of mentors and collaborators who have supported her vision. 
Liz also opens up about the creative process behind her album "Land," which evokes the natural world ("field recording used...I wanted to keep the album simple") and the historical essence of her local area in Sheffield ("Very hilly...with amazing bird life"). Listeners will be treated to an immersive experience with two tracks from her album, "Brook" and "Hide," each accompanied by Liz's insightful backstory. The episode also explores her thoughts on the physicality of playing the cello, the importance of maintaining a positive disposition, and how she navigates through creative droughts.
Additionally, Liz discusses her experiences collaborating with other artists, including Richard Hawley ("I've known Richard for a long time...so he just sat there, played guitar to me and sang...") Liam Gallagher, and various folk and Indian classical musicians, providing a glimpse into the collaborative magic that fuels her creativity.
The episode concludes with a lightning round of questions, revealing Liz's personal preferences and inspirations, followed by a sneak peek into her upcoming projects for 2024 and beyond. We wrap up the conversation with a reflective passage from Rick Rubin's book, "The Creative Act: A Way of Being," underscoring the interconnectedness of the creator and the creation.
This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the harmonious blend of musical traditions, the creative process, and the personal journey of a remarkable artist. Tune in and discover the magic of Liz Hanks' music and her inspiring outlook on life and creativity. It's extremely refreshing just like her personality. Follow Liz Hanks:https://www.lizhankscello.com/
Follow Richard Hawley:https://www.richardhawley.co.uk/

Monday Jul 01, 2024

Welcome to the latest episode of Surprise Cast! This episode has been a long time in the making as we connected with Luna several months ago to set up this podcast. Today, we are thrilled to have the band The gift, das Gift from Athens, Greece join us. We'll dive deep into their songs, explore what it's like to be musicians in Athens, share stories and childhood experiences, discuss when they knew they wanted to become musicians, recommend albums, and much more.
We begin our conversation with Omar, the percussionist of the band, who shares insights into his role and the band's experimental approach to percussion instruments. As a drummer, Omar’s love for rhythm and beats shines through, promising an engaging discussion about his percussive work later on in the episode.
Next, we chat with Luna, the singer and composer who brought everyone together to form the band. She shares her exhaustion from a recent concert and her excitement for the upcoming live performance. Luna gives us a glimpse into her creative process and the driving force behind the band's music.
We also meet Antonis, the keyboardist responsible for the atmospheric elements in their music. He talks about his journey with the keyboard, synthesizers, and pianos, and how his role is pivotal to the band’s unique sound.
As we delve deeper, Omar shares a heartfelt story about his childhood ("Intense in one part, but very pleasant as well"), growing up in Greece and Jordan, and how these diverse cultural experiences shaped his musical journey. Luna expresses her childhood ("I had a very, very happy early childhood and Antonis recounts his experiences ("I'm a 90s kid...I'm pure millennial") shedding light on the personal histories that influence their music today.
The conversation takes an interesting turn as we discuss the creative process, challenges faced by the band, and their inspirations. Luna reveals how her grandmother's ("always playing music...singing") early musical influence was crucial to her development as an artist as well as studying music, going to concerts ("PJ Harvey in 2003"), while Omar talks about his early start with piano lessons, music school ("two best years of my life") and how an artist such as PJ Harvey shaped his musical taste. Antonis began piano lessons at 6 years old. ("My parents were worried about me not being very active...Mom, I want this grand piano"). Depeche Mode and Marilyn Manson played an inspirational role for constructing his music tastes. 
We then explore the stories behind some of their songs from the EP "Hand to Heart." Luna shares the inspiration behind "Red on Blue," a song born from a nightmare and how the live version of the song has evolved ("now the song has a bang"). The band also discusses "Technicolor," the first song Luna recorded with her former producer, and how it has transformed over time. ("the final verse has a bit more energy")
In a reflective segment, we delve into the philosophies of creativity, patience, and the therapeutic power of art. Omar, Luna, and Antonis share their thoughts on how music has the power to heal, inspire, and bring out the best in us. They also discuss the importance of taking things slow, breaking rules creatively, and the journey of self-discovery through music.
As we wrap up, the band gives us a sneak peek into what's coming in 2024, including live performances, new songs, and potential recordings. They also share their favorite albums, providing listeners with a diverse range of musical recommendations.
Join us for this illuminating, thoughtful, and intelligent conversation with The gift, das Gift. Listen to their music, feel the power of their words, and experience the connection they bring through their diverse art. Tune in to Surprise Cast for an episode that promises to inspire and captivate music lovers everywhere."variety invites differences very gently and warmly" - this quote couldn't sum up the band's approach any better!Follow:https://www.facebook.com/the.gift.das.gift
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